Interested in crypto TAX compliance?

The Ultimate Guide to Taxation & Regulation of Crypto Assets

A 10 course-bundle program with an international coverage. Featuring everything you need to know about cryptocurrency taxes and regulation.


Don't Know Where to Start With Crypto Asset Taxation?

(Tax) professionals, (tax) authorities, and law enforcement agents don’t have time to spend hundreds of hours learning about bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and crypto assets. They frequently don't know where to start. Crypto investors don’t have time to read thousands of pages about law.

That's why we decided to develop the Ultimate Guide to Taxation & Regulation of Crypto Assets.

It's the only course on the market that covers everything from an international taxation perspective.


Learn Crypto Taxation and Regulation Online

@O2K's Ultimate Guide to Taxation and Regulation of Crypto Assets is NOT just a standard online course.

We also offer across the board support to our clients.


@O2K’s Ultimate Guide is a step-by-step transformation. You go from knowing nothing about crypto to understanding fundamental and advanced crypto-related concepts that are essential to your profession.

Time and Cost Efficient

Our Ultimate Guide is a “one-stop-shop” for all your regulatory and tax-related questions. No need to sign up for a variety of courses - just follow the @O2K path towards knowledge. Our Guide will help you save hundreds of hours of the most precious asset - time.


Our Ultimate Guide is tailor-made to suit the educational needs of (tax) lawyers, tax authorities, law enforcement agencies, finance professionals, in-house professionals, and crypto investors.

Online Course Series

Master Crypto Taxation and Regulation With Our Ultimate Guide Series

Become an expert in crypto assets and learn how to classify, regulate and tax them with our 10-bundle series of transformational online courses.

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What are crypto assets and how do we tax them?

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Which are the key taxable events in the crypto industry?

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Advanced I

How do we value and tax DeFi and NFTs?

Advanced II

How do we value and tax Stablecoins & CBDC?

Advanced III

How to fight money-laundering & crime in the crypto industry?

Advanced IV

Which international law applies to the crypto industry?

Master I

What are the crypto tax and regulatory requirements in Europe?

Master II

What are the crypto tax and regulatory requirements in Asia & Africa?

Master III

What are the crypto tax and regulatory requirements in South America?

Master IV

What are the crypto tax and regulatory requirements in North America?

We have it all

Unique Features

Our Ultimate Guide online course-bundles are your one-stop-shop for deep knowledge on a wide range of crypto-asset related topics. They cover both - the technological and taxation/regulatory aspects of crypto assets.

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@O2K's Ultimate Guide is the first product to combine technological fundamentals of crypto assets and blockchain technology with international regulatory and taxation approaches.

International Coverage

The reach of @O2K's educational content is international. We cover crypto taxation and regulation approaches in multiple jurisdictions to bring you the big picture.

Blockchain Certificate

Upon successful completion of any of our courses/bundles, your certificate will be uploaded and secured by the NEAR blockchain in collaboration with ReCheck.

Live Q&A Sessions

@O2K offers the only educational resource that features direct interaction with the authors. If you find a concept too challenging or need some clarification - just join one of our weekly live Q&A sessions.

Peer-Reviewed Content

The information featured in our courses is based on feedback acquired during review sessions with professionals that fall within our target audiences. We have spent hours improving @O2K’s educational content to maximize its utility to you.

Pay in Crypto Assets

You can purchase all @O2K products using crypto assets. We accept BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, and DAI. If you want to pay in a different cryptocurrency, get in touch.

A booming industry

Blockchain is Growing.
You Should Too.

GlobalData estimates that the global blockchain market will be worth almost $200b in 2030 from $3b today.

Don’t get left behind in a fast-growing industry. Start preparing yourself for the regulatory and taxation aspects of the crypto asset industry today!

Enroll in the course risk-free.



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What do I have to do to receive the Bundle II certificate (3 CPE equivalent)?

Participants in the two-course bundle must answer 4 multiple choice questions and 8 review assessment questions with a success rate of at least 75%. For that, participants may obtain 2 CPE points.

The certificate of completion for the course will be granted after the participant completes the 60 min Live Q&A session with the instructors. The latter is equivalent to an additional 1 CPE credit.

@O2K (Online) Courses qualify for CPE credits pursuant to the rules of a number of international accrediting bodies. Participants are encouraged to check with their professional and/or national associations to determine eligibility in this respect.

Were the courses included in the bundle peer-reviewed?

This bundle was peer reviewed by 5 external subject matter experts who are not employed by @O2K. They represented the 5 major user groups that this bundle is dedicated to: finance industry, (tax) authorities, auditors, (tax) lawyers, and crypto investors. Their feedback was incorporated in the courses' structure.

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

If you are unsatisfied with your bundle, reach out to us. Your purchase is eligible for a 14-day refund.

What is the CPE technical learning specification of this bundle?

Information Technology, Specialized Knowledge, Business Law, Economics, Taxes, Finance.