@O2K's Year in Review: Leading the Crypto Taxation Sector

Francisca Umejesi
January 16, 2024
min read

2023 was a monumental year for @O2K. It was filled with significant achievements. Outlined below are the notable milestones:

1. Thought Leadership: We published over 13 insightful blogs, driving the conversation in the crypto community.

2. Engaging Webinars: We hosted 5+ webinars featuring industry experts, focusing on vital crypto topics and trends.

3. Expert Panels: We organized 6 informative panel sessions, sharing knowledge and insights with our global community.

4. Pioneering Conference: Successfully organized the first-ever Crypto Taxation Conference, attracting 1700+ attendees, 48 speakers, and 53 booth owners.

5. Community Engagement: Issued 1000+ POAPs to attendees of the Crypto Tax Forum Conference, fostering engagement and recognition within the crypto space.

6. Global Presence: Marked our presence in 6 renowned crypto conferences, contributing to and learning from the global dialogue.

As we close 2023, we reflect on these achievements with pride and look forward to another year of innovation and leadership in the cryptocurrency taxation and regulatory sector.

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