@O2K Consulting at the Web3 Lagos Conference 2023

A review of our experience at the Web3 Lagos Conference.

Subomi Oduntan
September 8, 2023
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The Web3 Lagos conference is the biggest Web3 affair held in Lagos, Nigeria. Each edition is organized by Mr Ayodeji Awosika of Web3Bridge, an initiative that bridges the gap between software developers and blockchain developers. We were privileged to attend the second edition of this acclaimed event. It was a 3-day conference that lasted from August 31st - September 2nd. 

It was a highly educational event, rich with networking opportunities and attendees from Nigeria, Kenya, Japan, Spain, etc. The event was divided into two sections that went on concurrently - there was the developers section, and the non-developers section. Speakers gave talks on topics ranging from the basics of understanding blockchain, navigating the job market, blockchain marketing to more heavyweight (technical) discussions such as governance in DAOs, the implications of the national blockchain policy on the growth of the web3 space, smart contract audits, and so much more. The esteemed Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum, Kevin Owocki of Gitcoin, also joined virtually for a “Q & A” and a talk on Gitcoin Grants, respectively.

It was beautiful to see the various arms of web3 represented by stakeholders - DAO contributors, NFT artists/founders, recruiting agencies, blockchain educationists, auditors, crypto enthusiasts, etc - having conversations that’ll move the web3 community in Nigeria and across the globe forward. There was also a hackathon on Day 2, and the winners were announced on Day 3. The 4th and 3rd runners up were given $500 each; the 2nd runner up was awarded $1500; the 1st runner up received $2500, and the winner went home with $3000.

The @O2K Team Representatives

A talk that stood out for us was by Mr Senator Ihenyen, the former president of SIBAN (Stakeholders in Blockchain Technology Association of Nigeria), who spoke on the National Blockchain Policy and its implications on the blockchain ecosystem. The Nigerian policy aims to grow local talent, and promote the development of blockchain solutions that foster financial inclusion. It is a relatively new development, and after a long season of regulations that clamped down on cryptocurrency, it is a pleasant one. You can read more about that here.

The team with Mr. Senator Ihenyen, former president of SIBAN

We are grateful to have been part of such a prestigious event that’s integral to the progress of cryptocurrency education and enlightenment. We also hope that next year’s #Web3Lagos Conference will be even bigger, and more light will be shed on crypto regulation, compliance and taxation in Nigeria.

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